American Mint Team Leader-TL (Internal Applicants Only)

Belize City, Belize District, Belize Full-time

Team work is vital to the success of any business, especially here at TBPO; the Team Leaders are tasked with creating a positive, cohesive and productive atmosphere within your assigned team and the call center as a whole. This requires each team lead to remain upbeat, positive, and be an enthusiastic role model who displays strong leadership skills. This position also requires increased accountability in getting daily and weekly team and personal goals accomplished in a timely manner, while providing feedback to your management team. A Team Leader is to guide, support and motivates agents to hit performance metrics and achieve team goals. You will be working hand in hand with an assigned Account Manager and Operations Manager to track, document, evaluate and provide valuable feedback to each rep on a daily basis to ensure their continued success.



* Prepare and conduct morning meetings.

* Send attendance reports daily.

* Monitor and communicate to your OM the attendance and tardiness of agents.

* Communicate concerns, questions and updates constantly with/to your Account Manager & Operations Manager.

* Raise any concerns immediately as they arise on the call floor or contact a member of management for support.

* Create and manage the logged in and break times of the agents.

* Actively work with agents on the call floor.

* Liaise with AM & OM for all questions, concerns regarding technical outages.

* Update outage received by the agents due to technical problems, training or coaching in a timely manner.

* Analyze strengths and weaknesses of agents and provide guidance and coaching to improve performance.

* Create agent action plans for those agents that are unable to meet expectations provide all resources necessary for their success.

* Provide constant encouragement, praise, coaching and assistance to agents in real time.

* Motivate and design competitions or incentives for the team to meet their goals.

* Work with feedback from the QA team to ensure and address concerns as they become necessary.

* Ensure all company policies & procedures from Transparent BPO are upheld.

* Work to maintain performance expectations brainstorm ways of meeting expectations if performance is below standard.

* Participate in calibrations and provide each agent with specific feedback and focus areas to improve their success.

* Attend and help plan trainings as required with training department concerning campaign.

* Help train and support new agents and agents going on new campaigns as required.

* Check all systems before login and at end of shift to ensure they are in working order.

* Spend a majority of the day away from the computer and speaking with agents to motivate, encourage and delivery positive feedback.



* The successful candidate must possess an associate’s degree.

* 2 years’ experience as a supervisor or manager would be an asset.

* Leadership and motivational skills.

* Work with little or no supervision

* Self-driven

* Coaching ability.

* Interpersonal skills.

* Decision-making and analytical skills.

* Computer skills.

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