Operations Manager

Belize City, Belize Full-time

TBPO is excited to announce we are looking to grow our Operation Management team!

Transparent BPO wants to put more emphasis on Team Leader development and accountability as well as work to improve the overall environment on the call floors to promote motivation, results and an overall excellent work experience for our agents.  The Operations Manager is solely responsible for overseeing and developing the Team Leaders on the call floor to work towards these goals.  Operations managers will be responsible for level 1 HR, managing performance expectations, overseeing quality, motivating and encouraging the staff to develop a great work environment.


  • Handle all communications – telephone and e-mails, both internal and external - in a timely manner
  • Generate report daily as required.
  • Communicate with account managers on performance goals, agent issues and any other information that a client would need to know. Make sure all communication goes to the Director of Operations as well.
  • Give team leaders feedback on agent performance and on their personal performance
  • Manage team leaders’ performance. This includes ensuring that Entry AIM, General AIM and breakouts are properly executed, non-sales audits, live monitoring, shadowing and agent performance reviews are done frequently, morning meetings are held effectively daily, one-on-one encouragement and praise is given to agents as needed, motivational games are played often, reports are completed properly and in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that team leaders are managing their agents’ punctuality, attendance, leaves and breaks properly.
  • Manage team leaders’ attendance, punctuality, breaks, leaves, goals and personal development.
  • Evaluate and review team leaders on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis for things such as: attrition by team leader, performance by team leaders, quality standards by team leader, attendance by team leader.
  • Create and cultivate an excellent sales and customer service environment on the call floor with the use of games, motivation, etc.
  • Listen to sales and non-sales daily, giving feedback and coaching as necessary.
  • Ensure that team leaders are managing outages properly. Approve all outages, except Technical Outages, entered by the team leaders in the Outage Log. Check to make sure that technical outages are properly handled through Trello and the Outage Log.
  • Find ways to enable team leaders’ development through continuing training, goal setting, individualized feedback, etc.
  • Work with QA and team leader to ensure high quality standards on the campaign.
  • Spend time on the floor with the team leaders and agents getting feedback and addressing concerns that arise for the day.



  • The successful candidate must possess an associate’s degree.
  • 2 years’ experience as a supervisor or manager would be an asset.
  • Leadership and motivational skills.
  • Experience managing data and producing reports
  • Accuracy/attention to detail
  • Coaching ability.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Decision-making and analytical skills.
  • Computer skills.